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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"So... is she a Genevieve?"

This was a question that Naomi asked of me pretty soon after we all moved into our room. We pretty quickly realised that this gorgeous name came close expressing how amazingly gorgeous this little person was. Genevieve was a name that both of us had come up with ourselves, so it was a dead cert that it would have been one of the front-runners.

Claudia? My father's second name (which he later disowned) was Claude, after his father, Claude Oswald Bxxxxxxx. And although I love him dearly and do miss him, I couldn't quite bring myself to name a child after him, and give it the burden of 'Barry Bxxxxxx' for its life. But we both liked Claudia, so that sort of worked. Fennell was chosen as a third given name, as it does work for a girl, and means that we don't have to go with the hyphenated surname.

So, for the record -
Genevieve Claudia Fennell Bxxxxxxx was born at 9:21pm on Saturday 11 Feb at Frances Perry House in Carlton, Melbourne. She weighed 6 lb 7 oz, or just a shade under 3kg.

Oh... and yes, my apologies for the spelling mistake in the group SMSs I sent.
does come before E unless after C!


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cory and Naomi,
just got around to looking at your blog, and what delightful new to
greet me.
Congratulations on the safe arrival of Genevieve Claudia.
Wishing the 3 of you much joy and happiness.
Love Nicole and Derek xxx


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