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Friday, February 10, 2006

Umm.... Cory!!!?....

Nai had had a nice relaxing day at home, and I rode home from work at the normal time. We were just in the throws of sorting out what to have for dinner when Chook (Anthony) dropped by with a letter. He said he was headed to Carole and Matt's, and suggested we join him.

So at 10:50pm after some wonderful conversation and some pizza (Naomi downing all of her Vegetarian Deluxe), Naomi - both calmly and quite energetically at the same time - exclaimed as she stood up, "Umm... Co
ry!!!?... I think my waters just broke!"

So Matt ran to get some towels and yes, by the magnitude of the gush it was pretty obvious that this is what had happened.

Chook drove us home and Nai hit the shower. We started a final pack of the stuff we are going to take to the hospital, and consulted the various books, brochures and dodgy photocopies to ensure what we should be doing at that time. One of those things that we were to do was ring the hospital, which is exactly what you can see Naomi doing in the photo.

From this point, it's just kicking back and monitoring what happens. From the breaking of waters to the onset of birth is normally around 12 hours, but it can
actually be days (although many well-meaning doctors like to induce before this time).


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