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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Look into my eyes...

Look into my eyes...
Not around the eyes...
Look into my eyes...

Well, we had our latest HypnoBirthing Session last night, and I have to say, I'm pretty blown away by it all.

After our first session, we had some homework to do. This included putting together a birth plan (what our preferences are for the birthing experience), work out which of the affirmations in the HypnoBirthing book didn't make us gag (OK, Kayte didn't quite say it that way) and for Naomi and I to go through the guided relaxation exercises that were on the CD. We pretty much did all of this (although Nai was really the only one to listen to the relaxation exercises - and she's done that pretty much every day - the iPod has helped!)

It's really looking like it's paying off. Naomi can now go into a trance-like state quite quickly and our fears regarding birthing have diminished to the point that they really don't factor into it - it's more we're looking forward to it all, because we know that the HypnoBirthing techiques are going to work - they really do gel well with us. We watched another video - but this time it was just interviews with some Australian couples who had used HypnoBirthing. It was great to get a slightly more 'real' view of it, as some of the US ones are a little over-the-top. One thing that rang very strongly with me was the fact that, generally, a calm birth leads towards a calm baby. Another good reason for HypnoBirthing I suppose.

But the biggest spinout of the night was one of the homework tasks which we hadn't done. For the techniques to be most effective, it is best if Naomi and I can get her in a trance-like state, where I can give her affirmations and help her control her breathing, body and relaxation. This, essentially, is me putting her in a trance. And... as you've probably already guessed, it all worked perfectly. At one point, I asked Naomi to open her eyes, if she could, and she couldn't do it. It was pretty astounding.

Ha HA! The power! Mwah ha ha ha!

But seriously... with more practice, this will be an extremely useful tool in ensuring that we both stay relaxed, calm and focussed leading up to, and of course, during the birth. The breathing means there's a calmness as well as more oxygen flowing around in there, so Baby Boardy seems to enjoy it too!

Anyway... I'm still buzzing (15 hours later). It just brings us both back to the thought that we wish more people would try this - apart from the dodgy name, HypnoBirthing appears to be pretty awesome! We'll post sometime soon with how all of you can help us - simple things, but effective. (Hint : out with 'contractions', in with 'surges' or 'waves').


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