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Friday, December 30, 2005

Travelling and Dr Lionel

Before leaving for Adelaide, one of the questions we asked Dr Lionel was if he thought that it would be wise driving interstate when I would be 30-31 weeks. He said, yes, as long as I don't travel after 32 weeks.

He gave me a few horror stories. One in particular was a woman who had flown up to Surfer's Paradise at 27 weeks and had then gone into labour. She had to stay in Brisbane for three months, until the baby was able to leave hospital to come back to Melbourne. She was without her family and support network (and everything else) for this period of time. And of course... no Lionel.

But I wasn't 32 weeks yet, so Lionel said I should be fine. Thankfully I was, but that's it - no more travel from now on. (See photo for me, with our car in the background, and the complimentary cuppa from our sponsor at the Dimboola rest stop)

We had another checkup today. Lionel was very happy - everything's going well. The baby's currently head-down, so he hopes it stays that way. He said that the way I've been feeling it kicking (ie: where I can feel the kick) is indicative of how BB prefers to lie - head-down with its back to my left-hand side. I generally feel the kicks to the upper right of my belly.

Today it was 39 degrees (that's about 108 for those who don't use celsius), so I wasn't particularly happy to have to get out of the house. For the last day of the year it's going to be 42. Thankfully, we're spending the night in... but we still have a few visitations and other small things to do.


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