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Thursday, December 29, 2005

BB's 1st family holiday

We arrived back from Adelaide yesterday. About 750km in the car. We left at 5am on the 24th, to get there in time for the family Christmas dinner. Weather for the trip was quite changeable - plenty of wind, some rain, as well as some baking sun.

It was good to catch up with rels for Christmas, and especially to see how some of Naomi's cousin's kids had grown.

But for me, the highlight for the trip was the brief time we spent on the beach. We managed to secure lodging in a friend's apartment at West Beach, which was pretty much directly opposite the beach. The weather/timing conspired against us, so we only had the one swim. But seeing Nai bouncing around in the water, forgetting she had a big, growing-heavier, bump on her belly was great. Back on the beach, I excavated a nice round hole so she could lie on her tummy - something she hadn't done for a while now.

And the BB learned that Christmas is for kids - even while still in the belly. The BB did manage to get the majority of the gifts we received. Thanks everyone!


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