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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I must really commence this by saying that I haven't really been doing all that much nesting myself, it has mainly been Naomi, with some help from her mother Marilyn.

But, the house is getting a bit of a once over (or twice over) ready for the BB. In the photo (attached) you'll see me getting ready to be a bit of muscle to help our fix-it/build-it guy, Brian, install a rolladoor. That, combined with a working rear gate, will make it easier to drop off shopping and the BB, instead of lugging it all up the front steps. After all, when we bought the place they did say 'Right of Way' access at the rear. I suppose, after 3 yrs, we're finally getting it!

We've also had some front steps put in, a door in the nursery (as I suppose we can call it these days) and some wardrobe doors in there as well. So we're (slowly) getting there!


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