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Monday, November 28, 2005

Breast is best

Tonight was the second of our classes - Breastfeeding. It was actually supposed to be the 3rd, but Cory and I and a dozen others managed to turn up to the Labour and Birth class the other night, but unfortunately, the educator didn't! That one has been rescheduled until Dec.

This class focused upon the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby as well as the mother, plus the community. In some ways, it was sort of preaching to the converted as all in attendance had planned to breastfeed if possible.

We each received a plastic baby and were instructed in the various holds, as well as the basic routine you go through. We also watched some videos on technique and what happens when you don't do it properly. Ouch!

Of course, everything that was taught will most-likely not be very effective when you have real live sucker down there, but they'll go through the whole lot again once you're in hospital with the baby. It was actually very useful to hear about what we're in for and what is involved. We won't be going in with our eyes shut.


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