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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Was it Johnny Depp?

For some time, Nai wasn't sure if she was feeling the baby move. Some friends were saying that she was, but she just didn't realise it. Others said that it can still take a little time.

But after a while, the 'bubble' or 'butterfly' feeling (also kinda like a palpitation/panic attack too) morphed into something that was obviously the BB throwing its weight around.

Cory first felt it on a Friday night watching a repeat of 'The Glasshouse'. It really just felt like Nai's tummy being hungry (or perhaps even more wind!) But it became far more obvious the next day.

We went to the local to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now Nai claims it was the sight of the chocolate waterfall, Cory claims it was the effect the sight of Johnny Depp was having on her, and the books would probably say it was the Dolby Surround-sound, but the BB went NUTS! Pretty cool - we highly recommend a trip to the movies when the baby first starts moving.


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