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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

eBay, or not to eBay - it isn't really a question

We only want the best for the BB. Having said that, the best can often cost a packet! I've discovered that there are a heap of top-quality, barely used items for sale on eBay. It makes sense really - as many baby-oriented items are only used for very short time. Obviously there are some things that we will buy brand new, but we've managed to secure most of our gear at very little cost. There is also quite a lot of brand new stuff available too! Some of the things that we have bought through eBay include:
  • Wooden Cot, tall-boy and change-table
  • Pram/Stroller
  • Another (3-wheeled) Pram/Stoller with clip-on car baby capsule
  • Adjustable High Chair
  • Assorted baby clothes
  • Assorted maternity clothes (inc new bathers from Paris - woo hoo, I can swim again!)
  • Baby cocoon
  • 27 inch bike tyres (Cory... what's that got do do with the BB?)


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