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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Testing Time

We thought it best to actually go and check that our suspicions were true. In any case, we needed to get a referral to the obstetrician that Kell had lined up for us. So it was back to Dr Adrienne.

She was very happy and quite impressed we were back so soon. She wrote a referral, gave us a heap of pamphlets and spoke to us a bit about the various tests and scans I'd be having during the pregnancy.

The first lot of tests were done at the on-site pathology place - with the urine pregnancy test and loads of vials of blood being drawn for a variety of tests. One of these is to be used in conjunction with our 12 weeks scan to test for downs syndrome, amongst other things. The only thing that came back was that I'm not immune to chicken pox, so I need to steer clear of any kiddies with the pox in the first and third trimesters.


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