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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You're going to be a grandparent...

When we arrived back at Tullamarine from our trip, Naomi's mother (Marilyn) and step-father (John) picked us up. We were both very tired, but also excited to be back from our trip - and of course, excited about our news.

They drove us home and came in for the requisite cup of tea. While I was up making the cuppa, Naomi said "We have some news... we are having a baby". Marilyn got very excited, exclaiming "I thought you'd never get around to having children!"

The next day, my mother (Thel) came down to see what we got overseas, as well as a few of the photos. My speech also followed the "We have some news..." route. Thel was a little stunned - but could see how happy we were so was happy for us too!


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