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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Reading between the lines

We found out we were expecting in Dublin, but we kept it quiet until later. Once we went public, people were trying to see if they knew. Generally, most people said that we 'hid it well' as they had no idea.

A few went back to the last day of our travel blog, where we mention that Nai hadn't been feeling well and suggested that this was morning sickness. In fact, apart from being (only slightly) more emotional, so ready to put on the blub if required, Nai hadn't really had any morning sickness. The nausea was, we think, mainly due to being in the car. So really, we where just ready to use a ploy to ensure we sat together on the plane - and it worked perfectly!

Once we got back to Australia, all was pretty good. Occasional slight nausea, cured by a snack. Pretty good, all things considered!


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