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Friday, August 05, 2005

Going Public

We had decided to do the usual first pregnancy thing, and tell very few people until the end of the first trimester. Kellie knew, as did our parents and a few of our closest friends.

Once we had the first scan, and our first appointment with Lionel he said that it was a very healthy pregnancy and thought that we should tell people, if we felt ready.

The next day, at work, with a copy of the first scan on my phone, I couldn't hold it in, so I told my workmate, Bec, just quietly. Her eyes grew very wide as I was telling her but she kept her excitement in. I showed her the photo and told her all about it.

To her credit, she let me say the whole story - prob about 3 mins worth - because then she replied 'Funny about that - I'm pregnant too!'. She is due 2 days after us - pretty amazing. So, although I wasn't going to tell anyone at work, this had really tipped the scales for Bec who was finding it increasingly hard to keep quiet, so we went around and told everyone on our floor.

I was quite amusing, as more than one person thought that 'we' were expecting a child, as opposed to Bec and I expecting our own respective kids, which caused more than the odd chuckle!

Nai kept quiet at work for a few more weeks...


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