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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Next round of testing

We had another appointment with Dr Lionel today. This also coincided with the next lot of testing - which was the 'glucose test'. Here, I get to forgo anything sweet for 24 hours prior, then swig a sickly-sweet lemonade-type drink, wait an hour, and get some more blood taken from me.

My mum (Marilyn) came in with Cory and I to see Dr Lionel. Lionel asked her some background questions about her own experiences with pregnancy, labour and birth. He jotted them all down. He was impressed that I only took 3 hours to come out, and that was on the day I was due.

Mum thought Dr Lionel was very nice, and quite a bit younger than she expected. He reminded her of George Clooney a bit - not that I can see it myself. We heard the heartbeat again and all was progressing well.


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