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Saturday, January 07, 2006

T-minus 50 days and counting...

More and more these days we're getting asked "When are you due?" It is, of course, a perfectly natural question and in particular for Nai, with the bump getting more and more out there, I'm not surprised it's one of the first questions asked.

As you can see from the photo, since we went public, we've been keeping the countdown ourselves, on our fridge. (The actual size is from head to bum, which is now 30cm. Head to toe is 45cm!)

But in reality, the BB can come any time. Pretty much any time around 3 weeks either side from the 'guess date' of Feb 27th is pretty normal. Even outside of that 6 week span isn't exactly abnormal either, although they don't like it getting any later than that. Naomi has taken to saying she's due "Late Feb" and I suppose that'll change to "Any day now" as it gets closer. But don't worry - we'll keep you posted.


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