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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A better way to birth

A few weeks back, I bought the book in this picture, having read about the theory of hypnobirthing on a few internet sites. I pretty much read the book from cover to cover and felt that it all made a lot of sense with regards to making yourself as relaxed as possible for the duration of the birth to provide an easier, less painful experience for both mother and baby. So we looked around for a practitioner in Melbourne - easier said than done!! There are not too many around and most seem to be in Sydney. However we managed to find one in Preston and booked in with her for the sessions. Basically the technique uses breathing and visualisation to enable the mother to work with her body to relax all of the muscles to effectively give birth.

We had our first session on Saturday and the practitioner turned out to be a woman that Cory had worked with at TAFE - small world! Anyway Kayte was very good and took us through the theory and we saw some videos of women delivering using the techniques. It was very different to what we saw at birthing class!! The women in these videos were nowhere near as distressed or in pain as the one we had seen. It really showed a different experience completely.

So now along with pilates, walking, drinking raspberry leaf tea, massage, resting and nutrition I also need to practice my breathing and affirmations.... I'm not sure how I can fit all of this in to one day with work as well!!!


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