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Friday, February 10, 2006


One thing which many of you are already aware of, but we thought that we'd better say anyway, is that Naomi and flowers aren't a great match. I mean... she does love them, and I do buy the occasional bunch (at random times - "Just for", when they have the maximum effect - ha ha!). But a whole roomful of them will unfortunately be less likely to bring about smiles, and more likely bring about sneezing, tears and forced smiles.

So, after it all happens, when you come to visit, don't feel the need to bring flowers. Perhaps buy your loved-one flowers instead? Or, of course, feel free to bring something else!?

And while we're at it - it's fine for you to visit us at the hospital (or Sofitel Hotel, if we end up there in the final days of our stay). But keep in mind that it isn't like the good/old bad days of staying 2 weeks in hospital. We'll most-likely be in there for 4-5 days tops. So feel free to drop by, but don't feel rushed - there's plenty of time afterwards.

Secondly, we really do love to see you, but don't stay long. We're told the first few days after the birth are vitally important for us, so we can learn as much as we can. The hospital suggests you plan on 30 minute visits, which sounds like a good idea to us.

Finally, if you turn up and Nai is trying to feed (or should that be the BB is trying to feed?), you may find I'll turn you away. That's fine... go have a coffee for 45 mins or so then come back. Of all the time post birth, it is during feeding where it is most important that Naomi and the BB get to bond, and if possible, get this whole breastfeeding thing dialled. It's not difficult, but it is tricky and takes some practice.

So yeah... I'm sure you understand all of this and will support our wishes.


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