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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Swelly Belly - 37 weeks

Here is the beautiful Naomi doing her best Italian movie star pose. After our final hypnobirthing class we headed down to Kellie's family's place in Queenscliff, in preparation for a Triathlon that I was doing with the usual crew (Naomi too last year).

So after we got back to Kell's and had something to eat, it was a quick 100m walk to the beach for a refreshing dip. Just as she found on Australia Day, swiming in the ocean really does have both a wonderful calming quality, as well as the feeling of weightlessness - and with plenty of extra weight on board that can't be bad! And the water was nice and refreshing too. It wasn't a hot day, but quite perfect for lying on the beach to dry off.

And speaking of - we managed to allow Nai to lie on the beach just like any normal person would... the secret? Scroll down...

Yep... a little handy excavation allows for some great lying-on-the-belly action. Pretty cool hey? I think we'll manage to
get to the beach at least a few times in the next few weeks - but perhaps only Williamstown as that's 15 mins away. It's not like we're going to go surfing or anything anyway is it?


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