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Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Perfect Baby"

Yep, that was Dr Lionel's parting words after today's appointment. Slightly larger than average, blood pressure and protein fine. Heartrate 145BPM. (The BB's, not Naomi).

Dr Lionel said that he sometimes suggests that people fudge about their due date. It is still perfectly normal for anyone to have their baby up to 12 days after their due date, and as we've mentioned, he's totally against any unnecessary form of intervention. So he's not going to do anything until that time. So... we're due March 11th! Ha ha!

But the other thing, is we have been "full term" for close to a week now. So really, it is truly "any day now". Our guess is any day between now, and the 11th of March.

Marilyn (Nai's mother) said that our baby is very boring. All these visits to the obstetrician and nothing to show for it. I'm guessing this is where Naomi inherited her wonderful reserves of patience.


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