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Monday, February 13, 2006

Classifieds schmassifieds

Back in the day, you let the masses know about your fresh kid via the newspaper classifieds. Now although we did eventually get around to putting one in the paper, it was far more effective and far cheaper to SMS everyone in our phone contacts.

Of course, it didn't help that the first SMS went out after a very long day, so Daddy managed to spell her name incorrectly. On the plus side, the next day, people who we knew had photo-capable phones got a photo too!

And better yet, you get their responses! (As follows)

Brendo - Congrats guys - we are so happy to hear that bb finally has a name & is here to play. Look after yourselves and the little 1 mum & dad. Lots of love b & k :)

Thelma (who is Nanna) - Congratulations 2 Mum and Dad. Cant wait 2 c her. Boardy would like 2nd name. He he. Try and have a good sleep.

Kellie - Oh my lord i am so pleased. But is everything ok? Can i call? love to you all xox

Thelma - Oh she is gorgeios and black hair like U had when born. Sue's dream was right

Nina - Congratulations! Cant wait to see her...

Jane Salmon - Many congrats! Hope all family is well. Lovely name. Call me tomorrow.

Andrea Dennett - Whohoo!! That's great news! Congrats. Looking 4wd 2 meeting her in real life! love2 the 3ofU. Andrea X X X

Donna - Congratulations! Another great aquarian enters the world

Tania - Oh my god!
Congratulations! How is mom and baby doing?

Vicky - That's fantastic news, congrats! Which hospital, if up for short visits? I'm so happy about this, love Vicky

Tracey - Great news! They rarely come how you have planned - something about having a mind of their own! Get lots of rest. Trace xxx

Emily - oh my god that is fantastic news. well done i will pass on news to all! x x

Iain - Congratulations! Hope this isn't a taste of things to come! Very happy for all 3 of you!

Keri - CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you all - can't wait to meet genevieve! I'll call you when I get back to Melbourne. Keri xx

Kevin -
Congratulations! That is great news. Cant wait to see you all x x

Miss -
Congratulations nai and cory. We're so happy 4 u! Which hospital r u in? Luv miss and john xoxo

Mel - A big
Congratulations 2 u all, beautiful name. Want all the details y so early. Will call tom. Melanie

James McIlvena - Congratulations Mum. I'm sure you, Cory and Genevieve will all get along beautifully. She will love her sleep and crying will be too much effort.

Sally - Fantastic news. Hope to see you all soon.

Chris Pegler - Congratulations!!! Hope to meet Genevieve very soon. Love & best wishes from Chris, Juli & Benjamin

Paul Siegemund - Congratulations on becoming a Dad! How's Nai doing? Can I come visit her in the hosp 2 wish her well or is it best 2 wail till Mum and daughter are home? P

Dean - Hey dad a big congratulations to you both! Cant wait to meet your gorgeous baby girl kylie and dean X

Jane Hockley - Congratulations!

Leanne Kerr - Congratulations to you both. Great news!

Matt Baird - Congratulations mate...just heard the good news!

Mish Hogan - What fantastic news! Big congrats guys... enjoy! Luv mish, kev & Katie xxx

Belinda Hillard - Just heard the news about your baby girl - you both must be absolutely rapt. Congratulations! Hope mum, dad & bub are doing well... Bels

Andrea Athanaileas - She is gorgeous!

Mick Leyden - Hey mate congrats on The happy news hope Nai and bub are well!


Al Venn - Congrats from sarah and myself to you and nai on the birth of your baby daughter! Great news - Chat soon :)

Dave Becker - Congrats to you both

Bobbie - Oh wow... beautiful photos and a great website. Congratulations to both you and Naomi on the arrival of Claudia-wonderful news!! Take care all :)

Jamie Leathem - Congratulations, that is fantastic, only who is this? Cheers Jamie.

Andrew Temmhoff - Great news mate, we will have to catch up soon. I have 2 of my own too. Regards andy

Ken Kroeger - Congratulations - I was out of range over the weekend. I hope that all went well.

Sorry if we missed anyone there - but as you can see, we did receive quite a few. Our phones filled up pretty quickly! And of course, there were plenty of old-school phone calls, and even older-school visits as well. A big thanks to everyone!


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