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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pilates - the verdict

I'd have to say, of everything I did during my pregnancy, the single best thing would have to be the Fit-to-Deliver pilates program.

Not only did it keep me feeling fit and healthy during my pregnancy, but it really came into its own after the birth. Given that having a caesarian is a major operation (they equate it to having a major car accident) it makes simple things like sitting up and getting in and out of bed quite difficult. Having built up the strength in my upper body, core and legs it enabled me to these things much easier than I would have expected. The ability to support my body just my arms and shoulders was a major benefit.

I'm reminded of the muscles I'm using during the day, and from the pilates I can focus on which ones to use. For example, when I first came home and had to climb the stairs up to our front door, I realised I couldn't use my stomach muscles to brace me and had to rely solely on my quads and glutes.

What's more, as it is run through a physiotherapy practice, I could claim most of it on my health insurance. You can also get the DVD to practice at home, which I also found good when I couldn't be bothered leaving the house.


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