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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig!

We'd been told that Thursday was our day of discharge (not the best choice of word in a maternity hospital if you ask me!) Anyway, I'd ridden home on my bike and swapped it for the car so we could bring Genevieve home. I'd also had her car capsule professionally fitted by a guy in Arden St, who said that our capsule was one of the best models. Well done Naomi - the eBay queen strikes again!

So, we had to get the thumbs-up from Dr Lionel, the midwives and our paediatrician. Everything was going well, but Gen was still a little yellow so they wanted to do another (that's three now) heel prick and blood vial to check her levels. Although we were keen to get her home, we were also more focused on her being healthy to do so, so we went through the rigmarole again. Better for her to go under the UV lights now, than have to bring her back later.

So while we were waiting for the test results to come back, I loaded up the car with all of the non-essentials, and grabbed us both a decent coffee (Nai's first for 5 days).

Without any sort of congratulatory fanfare, the results came back OK so I ran down and grabbed the car. We'd already tried the little girl in her capsule earlier that morning, so we loaded her up again and took the lift down to the car. Nai sat in the back with her and I chaffeured the girls, in a somewhat paranoid drive, to our home.

I unclipped the capsule and after Nai, cautiously, went up the front stairs (yay for all the pilates she did), it was Genevieve's turn. It was quite amazing to finally have her home. Now the fun starts. No midwives. No hot and cold running support. Did we have the house set up OK? Time would tell I s'pose!


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