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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Everyone needs a good friend!

Other than us, the first person to find out about this quite spectacular news was one Kellie-anne, via the ever-reliable inter-continental SMS.

Kell was wonderful - booking us a spot in Melbourne's best maternity hospital. She also tried for Melbourne's best female obstetrician. However, Nai was not already a patient of her's - so we had to go with Melbounre's best male obstetrician. (We aren't sexist, after all!) This was all done overnight our time - and by the next morning Aunty Kell greeted us with the (quite unexpected) news that she had it all sorted! Lucky - coz if we'd waited until we'd returned, we probably wouldn't have got in anywhere.

Lessons for others:
  1. If you are planning to get pregnant - sort out your obstetrician beforehand. (They may also give you dietary and fitness tips to aid in you getting pregnant).
  2. Have the number of the hospital you wish to go to there beside the bed. If you think it's a particularly good (and well-timed) shag, ring them post coitally.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well... that confirms it!

As our trip progressed, Naomi had a inkling, a bit of a feeling, that our absence of 'precautions' had already taken effect.

So, we thought we'd grab a pregnancy test kit and check it out. The first one we got (in London) came out positive. But the kit itself was a little on the dodgy side, (and Nai was a bit pissed when she used it, so initially held it face down) so we thought we'd give it another go.

Now... you'd have to assume that the test kits you buy in Dublin would have to be pretty good quality (and quite hot-sellers I'd expect!) So... with our second (and pretty obviously) positive result, we were happy that Nai had better restrict her Guinness intake!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


It's the weekend before our trip around the world. We have a Uni exam on Thursday. Work is insane (both just generally busy - but also due to the fact that we are getting ready for being away for 4 weeks).

So what do you do? Throw precaution to the wind! Yes - we decided to actually start trying.

No, without getting you to reach for your buckets - we'd have to say that it was one of the most romantic moments of our lives. Of course - it was really just biology saying that everyhing was in sync, and it was the opportune time to do it. Because if the scans are accurate people - it was first time lucky for us!

(Oh yeah... and no photo for this one!)